about Hunter

Hi, as a way to prepare for the writing of this about page I took a look at the websites of some other photographers such as myself in order to get a good idea of what one writes about themselves on their virtual page.  Some common elements were discussing their credentials and experience in the field sometimes in relation to either their personal ideologies or simply a brief description of themselves.  And oddly enough, (to me at least) the text usually written in the third person.  
I am explaining to you my process because I think this is my way of telling you who I am, the process.  The process of making the work is never easy to explain let alone, explaining the work itself.  What I hope for is to communicate everything I am to you, that you could feel it as inexplicably as I do.  I believe in nothing in the mind and everything out and above, I yearn for experience of all sorts wishing to add to character and my passion resides in the wish to contribute to culture in any way I can. 
I am open to any ways of assisting, recording, editing or photographing as needed by those who are interested in my work.  I have experience in the studio as well as on sight photoshoots and I am currently using my knowledge of photoshop and Lightroom to create visual stories within an image and illustrate concepts for others through album covers.  As well, I am becoming in-tune with photo illustration and the development of concepts for fellow artist.  You can see what I've been hired for here.  I am born and raised in New York City however, would move around to any location in the world to learn something new.  You can contact me here where i'd be happy to respond.  If you've gotten this far thank you for taking the time to read this.  I'll be consistently uploading content to the BLog
 I am Hunter